Products and services ?
That’s easy.
Our products are some of the BEST chocolate and assorted candies you will ever savor !
From our VERY FAMOUS Chocolate Grahams and Butter Cremes to Assorted Boxes and Chocolate Covered Pretzels and our AMAZING Chocolate bars and ON and ON and ON……….well….that’s what we do !
We make ABSOLUTELY delicious chocolate and candy.
Our Chocolate is HIGHLY regarded by SERIOUS Chocolate lovers !
It TASTES the way GREAT chocolate SHOULD taste !
Our recipe is “our recipe”….and you’ll understand why all the fuss…after just one bite !
We also have a great sugar free assortment.
We offer these products through our retail location in Jeanette, Pennsylvania, and also on line. The easiest way to see EVERYTHING we offer….is to click on the Shop On Line link.
There, you will see our delicious offerings, with description and pricing.
We ship anywhere, and it your order will be SAFE and SECURE !

And remember….we are the GO TO SOURCE for FUNDRAISING !
If your school or organization is looking for a YUMMY and FUN way to raise money, we have SO MANY PROVEN and CREATIVE ideas !products-services1products-services4
We serve School Districts across the United States, and we are ready to EXCEED your expectations for EASY and PROFITABLE and DELICIOUS Fund Raising !
Click the Shop On Line link to view all available treats !
In the tri state area ?
Stop in and ask for a free sample !
Your tummy will thank you !
And so do we !
Thanks for over 70 YUMMY YEARS !